The Zarchian family is well known when it comes to Gold and Jewelry, it is a family business that has been transferred from generation to generation. That is why Zarchian is also well known throughout Asia, partly in Europe and also in the Emirates countries. Our specialty is designing gold, and making gold and jewelery. We have shops in various places of Tehran and in the big bazaars of that area. Ali Zarchian is happy to say that after all these years he still managed to keep his customers because of his excellent service. He says in the sequel: one of the best moments of my career is that people who have bought their wedding rings from me will come back after years to order wedding rings for their children.

Ali Zarchian has been busy importing and exporting gold, silver and jewelery since 1990. He did this with the help of his father and of course with a lot of fun. Ali Zarchian has inherited this but does not see his work as work, he enjoys it so much that he sees it more as his hobby. Everyone in the Zarchian family is also involved in the gold trade.

Whatever you are looking for at Nari store, we would like to help you further, with us the confidence with the customer is the most important. If you have a wish, Nari store will do its utmost to fulfill it.